Ende September feierte der experimentelle Kurzfilm „Soft Rains“, dessen atmosphärisch-postapokalyptische Bildsprache wir im Laufe der Lockdowns mit unserer Klanggestaltung untermalen konnten, Premiere auf dem Digital Animation Festival in Denver.
An exploration of human loneliness and the power of artistic creation through the lens of artificial being.
In a post-apocalyptic future, an archaeologist attempts to reconstruct the accounts of an artificial intelligence. In a conflict between humans and machines this A.I. was locked into a computer simulation and finds itself now in an empty world devoid of any living beings. The A.I. tries everything to escape this prison, only to realize that it has to find a new meaning for its existence.
Den Trailer und alle Infos findet ihr unter: http://24lps.net/soft-rains.html