Project Description


In Greek mythology, Pandora was created by the blacksmith god Hephaestus himself, while her fashioning was overseen by the almighty Zeus (…) until that very special moment, when she decided to act spontaneously, of her own accord.

Matthias Lerch repurposes the above myth by bringing the mechanical side of production to the fore, which already gestures towards the political and economic implications of mythology. His Pandora is a doll, a product of technological assemblage and alchemy, born out of a film projector and hundreds of gears, screws, and some organic bits. – Savina Petkova

Für den Stopmotion Animationsfilm Pandora entwickelten wir das Sounddesign und zeichneten zudem für den Score und die Mischung verantwortlich.

Fertigstellung: 2021
Auftraggeber: Matthias Lerch
Produktion: Independent
Screenings: diverse, u.a. mit der Berechtigung für Academy Award (Oscar), BAFTA und EFA Awards